Is Raw Dog Food Good for my Dog?

What is the quality of the ingredients you use?

We only use the best ingredients! Our recipe contains USDA approved Human Grade Chicken. Only the good stuff, no quacks!

How are your recipes formulated?

We have a special recipe that is made up of 80% meat and bone, 10% organ, and 10% complex carbohydrates. It is formulated using the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) model to meet the specific instinctual needs of our pupsters!

Where are the recipes made?

We whip up our delicious food at a commercial kitchen in San Jose, CA.

Why should I feed my dog raw food?

Generations before processed, artificial food became a mass-produced option for consumption, canines of ancient history would only consume raw, natural meat, by default.  This meat in its untampered and unprocessed state, was undeniably the purest form for nutrient consumption.  The raw food here was undoubtedly in its best element in supplying all essential, optimal nutrition for dogs. The correlation of the integral importance of the gut from humans to dogs, cannot be underscored enough; a healthy gut indisputably restores a healthy immune system, grants freedom from risk of obesity, manifests better skin, fur, cognition and overall condition of life.

This all starts with a highly effective raw diet, and the correspondence of a healthy gut in physiology is vital. We want to reiterate & stress the urgency of raw meat consumption for all dogs because it is biologically appropriate. With a raw diet, your furry best friend will retain all the necessary vitamins and nutrients without the excess starch and carbohydrates. Raw dog food diets also have been shown to improve energy levels while also promoting healthier skin, shinier coats, and cleaner teeth!

How do you know how much food and what kind my dog needs?

We calculate this for your pup using scientific studies around Species Appropriate Nutrition and the B.A.R.F (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) Model. We know dogs need to eat 2-3% of their overall body weight. We also know that they need to eat 80% meat and bone, 10% organ, and 10% complex carbohydrates. Putting those together, we will be able to discover a fitting portion and recipe for your dog!

I have a picky eater. What if my dog doesn't like the food?

Every dog is unique and special, and there are times when this recipe may not be right for your dog. Just like any diet, it’s not meant for everyone. But we plan to grow and develop a larger variety of food, so stay tuned folks!

Do I need to refrigerate the food?

You will need to freeze the food and thaw in the refrigerator before serving. Our food lasts 4 months in the freezer!

Do I need to cook the food?

Our food is perfect out of the bag so no need to stress and worry about cooking it! We make it with simple ingredients and make it even more simple to prepare! Cooking it can cause the bones to dry out to a hard texture that can puncture a dog’s stomach.

How should I store my dog's food?

Our food is meant to be stored in the freezer for up to 4 months.

Do I need to consult my vet to use Canid Roots?

We always recommend you to consult your veterinarian before starting your pet on a new diet.