Aria has been obsessed with Canid Roots since day one. The moment she tasted thier raw food, she has been hooked! The customer service is impeccable and we are very pleased! Since we started the raw food program with canid roots, I have noticed less shedding from Aria, more formed stools, weight management & just a happy camper overall! Only the BEST for my girl! Thank you Candid Roots for the 5 star quality you deliver!


I have always wanted to put Bubba on a raw food diet and Canid Roots made it possible!! They are a caring and thoughtful company that puts their customers needs first. The food is high quality, well packaged and delivered to your door. Not to mention, Bubba absolutely loves it and instantly devours it! Bubba and I couldn't be happier!


Canid Roots has been a game changer for Tonic's meals! Their pre-packaged meals have made it easier to feed this picky pup! I love that her coat is shinier and her teeth are cleaner! The best part: you don't have to worry whether or not she's getting the right amount of organ, bone and muscle meats in her meal! Canid Roots does it all!


Tito loves his Canid Roots raw dog food! He’s been a Faminal for about 8 months now and I’ve noticed less scratching this winter. We are a happy and proud to be part of the Canid Roots Family!


Canid root is amazing! They have taken the stress out of Raw meal prep! Happee enjoys every single bite and I feel great knowing my dog is eating what he is genetically supposed to eat!”


My corgi mix, Ahri, really struggled to find a food that she was excited to eat every meal as well as beneficial to her health. We tried kibble, other high human grade foods, and had no luck. She started on Canid Roots back in November 2021 and so far, it's been great! We really enjoy the service this company provides as well as the quality food. Ahri is so excited every day for her next meal!

Minnie and Snowball

Minnie and Snowball absolutely LOVE canidroots! While Minnie gobbles it’s down, it’s easy enough for snowball to eat, as she has no teeth. The delivery service is so convenient! Thank you for making feeding our babies as painless as possible! -Minnie and Snowball

Heidi and Cedric

We are so grateful for Canidroots and what it has done for Heidi and Cedric. Heidi is older and seeing the change in her energy within the first couple weeks of switching to Canidroots truly is everything. (Tears) Our pack is our family and knowing they are healthy and full of energy and wellness is such a wonderful feeling as a pet owner. The best change we could have ever made was choosing Canidroots.

Carly, Barry, Donny

Our three corgi pups are absolute Canid Roots fanatics - feeding time is easily their highlight of the day! I've been a happy customer for over a year now. From the fresh food, to the amazing delivery and customer service, you can't beat the value that Canid Roots provides. As an added bonus, I don't need to pay for my dogs' annual teeth cleaning anymore


Canid roots is the most affordable and qualitative raw food on the market. I do not have to compromise between budget and food now! Food itself is devouring for my dog, but the service and warmth the team members provide as if my dog as theirs, just makes me super happy and proud of being a member of this family Thanks Canid roots.